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  • The Team

    We are here for you

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  • Senior Pet Care

    Older dogs and cats have special needs. Talk to us about care needed for your geriatric pet.

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  • Emergency Services

    We provide patient care seven days a week; Monday to Friday until 9 p.m. and weekends until 6 p.m. Veterinarians are available for emergency services during these times. Please call 250-727-2125.

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  • Dental Care

    Dental disease is one of the most common medical conditions seen by veterinarians. Talk to our veterinarians about diets and other ways to prevent health problems related to dental disease.

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  • Veterinary Diets

    We carry pet foods that are specifically designed for preventing and treating health problems such as obesity, arthritis, kidney disease and diabetes. Ask our us for more information.

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  • Weight Loss

    Pets need to watch their weight too! Ask us about ways to help your over weight pet.

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  • House Calls

    We can perform a wide range of veterinary care on house calls including annual examinations and vaccinations, diagnostic testing, grooming, behavioural consultations and helping people make difficult end of life decisions for their pets. Click on the slide for more details.

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  • Mexi-Can Vet Project

    Teams from McKenzie Veterinary Services participate as volunteers at spay/ neuter clinics in the small seaside towns of Guayabitos and La Penita in the state of Nayarit, Mexico. Click on the slide for more details

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McKenzie Veterinary Services (MVS) is nearly 30 years old! The clinic was started in 1988 by Dr Dave Kirby when he partnered with North Douglas Vet Clinic to create a co-operative business arrangement unique to Victoria. He purchased Pacific Mobile Vet Clinic, now the city’s oldest house call practice a year later.

Dr Kirby sold the practices to Dr Malcolm Macartney in 2004. Five years later, Dr Macartney purchased North Douglas Vet clinic and it was amalgamated with MVS.

In June of 2016, two long time associates, Dr Diane Cruickshank and Dr Helen Rae purchased MVS and Pacific Mobile when Dr Macartney retired. The two companies were amalgamated in June of this year. You will currently see references to Pacific Mobile but our intention is to phase out that name. House calls will simply be a service offered by MVS.

Over the past 29+ years we have grown considerably and now employ a staff of approximately 45 individuals dedicated to providing the same quality, personalized care MVS built its reputation on. We would like to thank all of the great people and pets that we have met along the way!

For more on our history click here.