• Emergency Vet Services

    Emergency Services

    We are open Sat. & Sun. and until 8 pm Mon. to Thurs. What happens if your pet is sick outside our regular business hours? At McKenzie Veterinary Services our veterinarians are available for emergency services. Call 250-727-2125.

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    Senior Pet Care

    Older dogs and cats have special needs. Talk to us about care for your geriatric pet.

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    Dental Care

    Dental disease is one of the most common medical conditions seen by veterinarians. Talk to our veterinarians about diets and other ways to prevent health problems related to dental disease.

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  • Kismet Veterinary Diets

    Veterinary Diets

    We carry pet foods that are specifically designed for preventing and treating health problems such as obesity, arthritis, kidney disease, diabetes. Ask Sandee, our Pet Nutrition Consultant, for more information

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    Weight Loss

    Pets need to watch their weight too! Ask our pet Nutrition Counselors about ways to help your over weight pet.

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    House Calls

    We can perform a wide range of veterinary care on house calls including annual examinations and vaccinations, diagnostic testing, grooming, behavioural consultations and helping people make difficult end of life decisions for their pets. Click on the slide for more details.

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    Adopt a Dog from Mexico

    The Mexi-can Vet project team brings back dogs from Mexico for adoption. Click on the slide for more details

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  • Mexi-Can Vet Project

    Mexi-Can Vet Project

    Teams from McKenzie Veterinary Services participate as volunteers at spay/ neuter clinics in the small seaside towns of Guayabitos and La Penita in the state of Nayarit, Mexico. Click on the slide for more details

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Featured Pet – Taz

Taz is a 7 year old Border Collie belonging to Dr. Terry Chatton. Taz stays with Dr. Chatton in his office when he is at the McKenzie Veterinary hospital on Mondays to Wednesdays . At the office, Taz has quite the reputation of being a "ladies" man, as he loves all the attention he receives from the staff. He is a great dog; sharp as a tack and super friendly. As is needed for Border Collies, Taz gets tons of exercise. He and his master live in Sidney and often go to Todd Inlet, Centennial Park, and Island View Beach. Taz is typical of his breed on a hike; anything with fur or feathers is guaranteed to capture 100% of his attention, and then some!! This photo shows Taz at Island View beach, waiting for a stick to be thrown.

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