From routine spays and neuters to more complex procedures, our talented Veterinarians and Patient Care Team will be with your pet from the moment they are admitted until they are back in your arms.

Depending on the procedure being performed, we will use either a local, regional, or general anesthetic.

A local anesthetic is used for minor procedures to control pain at the procedure site. For example, a biopsy will often involve a local anesthetic. We will sometimes use a sedative in combination with a local anesthetic to help your pet stay calm and comfortable during the procedure.

A regional anesthetic is similar to a local, but it targets specific nerve bundles and provides a loss of sensation in a larger area. We routinely use this type of anesthetic in dental procedures, spear grass removal and in cats with urinary obstructions. This type of anesthetic can also be combined with a sedative.

General anesthetics are used for larger procedures where your pet will need to be unconscious and not feel any pain during the procedure. We will also place an endotracheal tube to deliver a tailored combination of isoflurane gas and oxygen. While your pets are under general anesthetic, our talented Patient Care team consisting of Animal Health Technicians and Veterinary Assistants will monitor vital signs like heart and respiratory rates, blood pressure and depth of anesthesia. They are trained to spot the more subtle changes a patient undergoes while under anesthesia and can respond to those changes as needed. The close monitoring by our Patient Care Team doesn’t stop until the patient is fully recovered, and on the way home.

Once all surgeries are complete for the day, you will receive a call letting you know how everything went and to schedule a pickup time. The doctor will also discuss any medications or aftercare required. When you come to pick up your pet, a Patient Care team member will also go over caring for your pet, and medication administration with you. We will also call you the next day to make sure that the first night went smoothly. We will be happy to address any concerns or answer any questions that may have come up overnight.