Why is dental health important?

You don’t have to look further than the human experience to understand why oral health is just as important in pets as in people. Imagine what your teeth and breath would be like if you never brushed or flossed! The pain that we feel when we have an abscessed root in a tooth can make living unbearable for us and make us run for the nearest dentist. Now imagine your pet’s suffering with multiple infected teeth! But they don’t know that life can be any different or that the pain can be taken away and so they sometimes suffer in quiet dignity until it gets so bad they stop eating. And it has to get pretty bad before a dog or cat will stop eating because hunger is a strong motivator even if it means painful chewing. Many older dogs and cats walk around in a state of constant dental pain without their owners realizing it. And so it is not surprising that many owners report their dog or cats’ behaviour changes immensely for the better after they have had a dental service to remove a mouthful of rotten and painful teeth.

Chronic periodontal disease and bacterial infections in teeth can really drag an older dog or cat down…and it may also put them at risk of developing infections in other organs, such as the heart, kidney and liver. So it is important to always be aware of what is happening in your pet’s mouth and start them on a regime of oral health care through diet, brushing, dental health products and regular dental cleanings as recommended by your veterinarian. At McKenzie Veterinary Services, our goal is to prevent your pet from ever having to require major dentistry by keeping their oral cavity healthy starting from birth. However, once gum disease and dental disease have set in, our goal becomes preventing it from getting worse and reversing the damage as your pet ages.