Soft Tissue Surgery

The vast majority of non-elective surgeries are for soft tissues, basically anything which does not involve surgery on boney tissues. We can perform a full range of soft tissue surgeries including:

– Removal of internal and external cancerous growths – sarcomas, carcinomas, and a variety of benign cancers that cause health problems.

– abdominal surgeries involving the bladder, spleen, liver, kidneys, stomach intestines, abdominal wall and rectal/anal area and urogenital areas.

– eyelid deformity corrections, eye enucleation, ear resection and ablations, plastic surgery to correct excessive skin fold problems, lacerations and trauma, skin cancers.

– exploratory surgeries for gastric torsion, foreign body retrieval, biopsies of internal organs, C-sections, pyometra, splenic tumors, hernia repairs, etc.