Our Cancer Creed

Sometimes it doesn’t make sense to even consider any intervention, just allow a pet to live out its’ life and help them in a palliative way when necessary. At McKenzie Veterinary Services we strongly believe that:

1) There is no patient we diagnose with cancer whose life we cannot help improve in some way;

2) Owners need to be reminded that their pet has no idea that it has a cancer…thus they continue to go about their lives blissfully ignorant of their diagnosis…so they do not suffer any emotional concerns about their prognosis, only we know;

3) We should never knowingly let a pet suffer, that is to say “Keep them eating, Keep them out of pain and Reduce with medicines or other therapies, any symptoms that negatively affect their lives (e.g. control vomiting, nausea, control local damage by surgical debulking of a tumor)” and finally;

4) if all else fails and they just cannot go on, we can give them a peaceful and painless end”.