Medical Diagnostic Capabilities at McKenzie Veterinary Services

At McKenzie Veterinary Services we are constantly investing in new equipment and training to enable us to provide a wide array of diagnostic services in our veterinary hospital. We have large purpose built laboratory space with Idexx blood analyzers that can run a complete blood count and chemistry panel in about 15 minutes. We also have two microscopes with digital camera connection to the computer so we can review blood smears and cytology samples, and when needed beam via the internet the pictures of cells etc to veterinary pathologists for identification and diagnosis. Our animal health technicians and veterinarians are well trained and many have special interest in veterinary pathology.

Other diagnostic equipment that we routinely use include:

veterinarian using tonopenn

   Tonopen used to measure intraocular pressure


CardioVet EGC app for smart phone which can record ECG tracings and transmit them to specialists in New York for analysis

 stool sample

     special urine and fecal analyses

fungassy plate

  fungal culture


cytology and histology from biopsies or fine needle aspirates

ear mites

      skin scrapings, ear swabs


We also make use of several outside veterinary pathology laboratories in the lower mainland, e.g. Idexx Laboratories, True North Laboratory, BC Veterinary Animal Health Center, Histovet, CytoVetStat, Urolith Lab etc, where we send samples for special blood and bacteriology tests, urolith anaylsis and histology sample (whole tissue identification). Allergy testing is done at two outside labs.