Imaging – seeing through to the problem using digital x-rays and ultrasound


Digital X-Ray

At McKenzie Veterinary Services we make use of state of the art imaging equipment. Our digital x-ray machine produces crisp, detailed images that are ready to view immediately and can be exported to veterinary radiology specialists when necessary. X-rays or radiographs, help the veterinary see inside the body and help show what is going on in both boney structures as well a soft tissues.

Dental Digital X-Ray

Digital x-rays are also used in all of our dental procedures. We uses a tiny x-ray plate to produce excellent images of teeth so that we can visualize the health of the roots (looking for abscesses) and crowns (looking for cavities). Full mouth digital x-rays can capture images quickly and so reduces the length of time a pet needs to be under a general anesthetic for dental work.  Click here to go to our section on dentistry at McKenzie Veterinary Services.

dog and ultrasound


Ultrasound is another important tool for imaging internal soft tissues especially in the abdomen and for the assessing heart anatomy and function. Our brand new ultrasound machine has many uses and gives us insights into changes in internal organs that x-rays may not be able to tell us. Prior to ultrasound one of the only ways we could determine if a dog had swallowed a soft object that did not show up on an x-ray, was to perform exploratory surgery. Now using ultrasound imaging we can be sure that an exploratory is actually necessary for resolving such a problem.