Grief and Pet Loss Support

When a pet is lost the grief and emotional trauma are intense and our professional responsibility includes compassionate and knowledgeable pet loss support for your family. Initially pet owners tend to be shocked by the level of their emotions after the death of their pet, especially if the loss is sudden and unexpected. When euthanasia is the chosen option for a pet after a lengthy illness or decline in a pet’s health, the grief may be lessened by a certain relief that a pet has been spared further suffering. Pet owners can struggle with a wide range of emotions that may include; sadness, guilt, regret, uncertainty and concerns for public displays of their loss.

Our society and culture do not have a clearly defined response to the loss of a pet. The idea of a memorial, a funeral for a pet or taking bereavement time from work can be met with a lack of understanding. At McKenzie Veterinary Services we try our best to help you with not only making the decision but to help you cope with the mixed emotions you are feeling. Time and reflections on what a blessed life the pets in our society have because of their owners love and devotion during their short lives are often all that many people need to allow the grief to pass. For others, the pain and grief they feel may seem overwhelming and it is then that professional grief counseling may be necessary to deal with the loss. There are several grief counselors in the greater Victoria area and we can direct you to these resources. For example,, and .