Euthanasia – a peaceful and good end.


When we first get a new pet we are only thinking about the great years ahead, but time passes quickly and through age or infirmity there comes a time when the quality of life of our pet is such that euthanasia has to be considered as the kindest, most humane way to end an animal’s life.

It is a blessing bestowed upon vets to be able to stop an animal’s suffering by ending their life with grace and dignity. We recognize that this is a very emotional and difficult time for pet owners. Our compassionate veterinarians and staff are here to help you make the right decision at the right time. We can perform euthanasia in our designated quiet room at the clinic or in the privacy of your home using the Pacific Mobile Veterinary Clinic. Contact our reception staff to discuss the arrangements that best suit your needs.

At, or before the time of euthanasia, your pet’s quality of life is assessed based on your concerns, the pet’s medical history and an examination. We will generally give every pet an injectable drug cocktail to create a state of profound and peaceful sedation. When your pet is calm, totally relaxed and you are ready, a painless intravenous injection of an anesthetic agent (a concentrated barbiturate solution) is given to peacefully and rapidly end life. Some vets prefer to administer this solution through an intravenous catheter placed in a leg. You can be present for the entire procedure to comfort your pet, say some last words and if you wish, to spend time afterwards with your pet. Some owners prefer not to be present or choose to leave after their pet is sedated.