Dee’s Orphan Kitten Fund

McKenzie Veterinary Services is proud to sponsor and assist DOKF by offering significantly discounted veterinary medical and surgical services. Founded in 1995 by Natalie Kroshinsky, a former animal health technician with North Douglas Veterinary Clinic, this group started out with the mission to help close (i.e. end any further reproduction) in the many feral cat colonies that exist in the margins of many neighbourhoods in the CRD.

Since 2015, their mission has largely been accomplished through years of live-trapping, spaying and neutering, vaccinating and feeding the colonies to help keep the feral cat population contained and healthy.  Working with volunteers and with fundraising efforts on the part of many people, grants from the BCSPCA and other agencies, Dee’ Orphan Kitten Fund continues to help out low-income cat owners, care for, foster and adopt out strays, kittens and adult cats alike.

In 2018, we here at McKenzie helped 575 cats brought in by Dee’s Orphan Kitten Fund.

For more information on how you can help and donate go to