Canadian Animal Assistance Team.

CAAT is a national non-profit charitable organization dedicated to providing veterinary care and assistance to communities where veterinary care is desperately needed but difficult to access. CAAT runs vaccination and spay/neuter clinics in remote communities, First Nation Reserves, as well as assisting internationally after natural disasters such as after Hurricane Katrina and earthquakes in Chile.

Dr. Macartney volunteered in October 2014 in a CAAT spay and neuter project on the Kyuqout First Nation reserve and really enjoyed the experience. It was estimated that during two days of surgery CAAT reduced the future population of kittens and puppies on the reserve by about 70 or 80!


Dr. Macartney will be working on encouraging other BC veterinarians and veterinary technicians to become members and volunteer at future clinics on Vancouver Island and elsewhere. Anyone can donate to CAAT and receive a tax receipt and be contributing to improving animal welfare for cats and dogs in our local communities.

In 2015 Dr Chatton from MVS was the lone vet at a spay and neuter clinic on the reserve in Quatsino where he did surgeries on some 50 animals despite suffering terrible from a cold. In May 2015, Dr Macartney and MVS hospital administrator Margaret Purdy, volunteered for ten days and assisted at two spay/neuter clinics for first nations Bands in Fort St James and New Hazelton….This was a fabulous experience, M*A*S*H* like field hosptials were set up in the local hockey rink and in Hazelton in a dusty unused fire hall. Hundreds of animals were vaccinated and sterilized at these two 3-4 day long clinics run by volunteers from all over Canada.