Community Involvement - Volunteerism

At McKenzie Veterinary Services we recognize that we are part of something bigger than just our clinic. We are part of a community and our community is growing. We are involved at a local level with Vets for Pets, Dee's Orphan Kitten Fund and the Greater Victoria Animal Crusaders. At the provincial level we are involved with the BCSPCA and the Canadian Animal Assistance Team. Nationally we are involved with the Nature Conservancy of Canada and internationally we travel to Mexico with the Mexi-Can Vet Project where we assist Jaltemba Bay Animal Rescue and the Mexican Veterinary organization Pets for Life. All of this provides the opportunity for our staff to be involved in something bigger and to give to the world outside of our clinic.

BC and Alberta Guide Dogs


The staff at McKenzie Veterinary Services are happy to support the life-changing work done by BC and Alberta Guide Dogs. We give discounted services, and surgeries by providing a donation every year. 

We are always happy to see a new Guide Dog come into the clinic and watch them grow into the wonderful service dogs they train so hard to be.

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We are proud to help support the population control initiatives offered by the SPCA by offering low-cost spay and neuter surgeries through the Voucher Program.

In 2018 we attended the BC SPCA Offleashed Gala and helped to raise over $100,000! That money will help fund the vital and lifesaving work of the SPCA in our community. We were so proud to be a part of their success and look forward to supporting them again next year!


Greater Victoria Animal Crusaders


The Greater Victoria Animal Crusaders is a local volunteer organization which raises funds to provide some financial assistance to pet owners when they need.  GVAC also raises awareness of animal welfare issues and runs adoption and fostering programs. We help by providing reduced cost spays and neuters, as well as services and medication. 

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Dee’s Orphan Kitten Fund


McKenzie Veterinary Services is proud to sponsor and assist DOKF by offering significantly discounted veterinary medical and surgical services. Founded in 1995 by Natalie Kroshinsky, a former animal health technician with North Douglas Veterinary Clinic, this group started out with the mission to help close (i.e. end any further reproduction) in the many feral cat colonies that exist in the margins of many neighbourhoods in the CRD.

Since 2015, their mission has largely been accomplished through years of live-trapping, spaying and neutering, vaccinating and feeding the colonies to help keep the feral cat population contained and healthy.  Working with volunteers and with fundraising efforts on the part of many people, grants from the BCSPCA and other agencies, Dee’ Orphan Kitten Fund continues to help out low-income cat owners, care for, foster and adopt out strays, kittens and adult cats alike.

In 2018, we here at McKenzie helped 575 cats brought in by Dee’s Orphan Kitten Fund.

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Canadian Animal Assistance Team.


CAAT is a national non-profit charitable organization dedicated to providing veterinary care and assistance to communities where veterinary care is desperately needed but difficult to access. CAAT runs vaccination and spay/neuter clinics in remote communities, First Nation Reserves, as well as assisting internationally after natural disasters such as after Hurricane Katrina and earthquakes in Chile.

Dr. Macartney volunteered in October 2014 in a CAAT spay and neuter project on the Kyuqout First Nation reserve and really enjoyed the experience. It was estimated that during two days of surgery CAAT reduced the future population of kittens and puppies on the reserve by about 70 or 80!

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Dr. Macartney will be working on encouraging other BC veterinarians and veterinary technicians to become members and volunteer at future clinics on Vancouver Island and elsewhere. Anyone can donate to CAAT and receive a tax receipt and be contributing to improving animal welfare for cats and dogs in our local communities.

In 2015 Dr Chatton from MVS was the lone vet at a spay and neuter clinic on the reserve in Quatsino where he did surgeries on some 50 animals despite suffering terrible from a cold. In May 2015, Dr Macartney and MVS hospital administrator Margaret Purdy, volunteered for ten days and assisted at two spay/neuter clinics for first nations Bands in Fort St James and New Hazelton….This was a fabulous experience, M*A*S*H* like field hosptials were set up in the local hockey rink and in Hazelton in a dusty unused fire hall. Hundreds of animals were vaccinated and sterilized at these two 3-4 day long clinics run by volunteers from all over Canada.

Vets for Pets


This is the local organization which provides basic veterinary care free to the pets of homeless people of Victoria.  The vets, techs and receptionists of McKenzie Veterinary Services are continuing their charitable work done annually at Project Connect, by donating their time, expertise, pet food and vet supplies at these monthly clinics held every second Thursday 2-4 pm at Our Place.

Dr Jane Vermeulen, the founder and director of Vets For Pets, solicits donations of vaccines and supplies from many veterinary supply companies but needs money to help purchase more supplies on a regular basis.  Visit  VetsForPets  to find out how you can help.  Everyone who helps out at Our Place vet clinics is a volunteer.  Donations of pet food, leashes and collars can be made at Mckenzie Veterinary Services and we will take them to Our Place.