Cancer in Pets

The outlook for Cancer in pets has never been better! At McKenzie Veterinary Services we have developed an approach to diagnosing and treating cancer that may surprise many pet owners. We view cancers as either curable, or as chronic degenerative diseases, just as we view other diseases such as chronic renal failure, diabetes, heart disease..etc. That means that we take a positive view of cancers and are willing to work with owners to help improve the lives of every patient we see living with cancer. Not all cancers are “bad” cancers, in fact many common cancers in pets are treatable and often curable or controllable through surgery, chemotherapy, other medications and diet. At McKenzie Veterinary Services we recommend a diagnostic work up to define the type of cancer and to stage a patient so we know what we are dealing with and are better able to discuss therapy options, whether it is surgery alone, surgery and chemotherapy, or chemotherapy alone or palliation. We always are mindful of what it is the owner hopes to achieve and what is the right thing for your pet. But we say there is no patient we cannot help in some way with cancer.