Behaviour Counselling

At McKenzie Veterinary Services we recognize that a healthy pet needs to be healthy in body but also in mind. The term "Domesticated" implies that animals follow our rules for acceptable behaviour..but wait a minute..they are just doing what animals do naturally to survive....mark objects in their territory with pee, scratch objects to mark or sharpen claws, defend or fight for food or territories, mate with anyone, eat any food left about, attack others they think may have threaten them, etc. These are just normal animal behaviours. But they are not often things we want to deal with as owners.

We can help with bad behaviours

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One of the major reasons for euthanasia of healthy pets is because of seriously bad behaviours that drives pet owners to see no other option. By far the most common issues we see in dogs are various forms of aggression and separation anxiety; while in cats, inappropriate urination tops the list. These are just some of the problems that fall under a huge range of behavioural issues that veterinarians and technicians can help owners deal with.

Available for clients of McKenzie Veterinary Services and Pacific Mobile Veterinary Clinic are free consultation appointments with 2 of our technicians;  Nicolle for behavioural problems with dogs and Kamala for behaviour problms with cats.  They will provide advice and work with you and your pet to help you resolve the problems.  Ask your vet for a referral to see either of these two technicians.

Sometimes we have to accept that some pets, like some people, cope way better when on medication…and so be it. We can also help to determine if medication would be effect in resolving behaviour issues.