Our Payment Policies

Payment is due at the time services are rendered. We accept Cash, Debit, Mastercard and Visa.

We encourage clients to obtain Pet Health Insurance.

Pet Insurance

We believe Pet Insurance is important for your pet. Imagine a world where financial concerns were not present when making health care decisions for your pet, where you could choose the best options for diagnosing and treating accidents or illness in a pet, and where you don’t have to be stressed by your bank balance or credit card limit.  Well… This is the world that we are striving for at McKenzie Veterinary Services.  We want all of our clients to know about what pet insurance programs can do for you and your pet and encourage people with new and older pets alike to get on one of the many great plans offered through pet insurance companies like Trupanion, Pet Secure, Pet Safe and Pets Plus Us.

Most pet insurance companies have several levels of coverage available and the monthly premiums are dictated by breed of dog or cat, the vet costs of the area you live in (Victoria is mid range in terms of vet fees), and the deductible you choose. Many companies offer a free month of pet insurance to ensure that pets are covered while owners can have time to study and consider how they can get their pet into a plan. This is for any pet up to 14 years of age and with any number or pre-existing conditions.

Ask our staff about these promotional offers, take advantage of them and seriously examine how you might benefit financially from having coverage for your pet, but moreover how your pets’ life may depend upon insurance coverage.

Financial Assistance

ScratchPay– For those who need some financial assistance to meet the needs of their pets needs there is ScratchPay, a financial lending company for medical health care for both humans and pets. An appointment time with us will be required to complete your application. Please note that we have a onetime processing fee that would be added on to your payments.