“Let Food Be Thy Medicine”

That has never been truer than in recent times and especially for our pets. At McKenzie Veterinary Services, we stock all life stage diets and over 30 prescription diets for dogs and cats so that we can provide the best nutritional support for your pet, whether it’s for specific health problems or simply to maintain their health.

While there are dozens of pet food companies in North America, only a few such as Royal Canin and Hill’s, have the highest quality control on their ingredients or perform any real research into pet nutrition. Royal Canin and Hill’s have a wide selection of excellent diets for many conditions, including obesity, arthritis, kidney disease, diabetes, food allergies and gastrointestinal issues. Many disease conditions can be controlled through diets and reducing the need for many medications. It may surprise you to know that our prescription diets are generally no more costly than many of the “designer” pet foods sold in pet stores, and they include an informed recommendation based on your pet’s medical history and concerns.

We believe in the power of nutrition. That’s why we are happy to offer all of our clients the services of our trained nutrition consultant, Alli. She can provide you with solutions to dietary problems that you may be facing with your pet. When there are complex issues to work on, we can also seek the advice of veterinary nutritionists at Royal Canin or Hill’s.

Alli is passionate about finding a diet that works for your pet. She’s happy to provide feeding plans, weight loss help, and recommendations.

Feel free to email her here.