James – General Manager

James was raised in Victoria. He has had many terrible hairstyles and frequently shows he lacks fashion sense. He likes many things, including friends, family, music, the woods and mountain biking. He likes cooking and eating too, but too much eating and not enough exercise made him slow, and now it hurts when he rides his mountain bike. His kids are faster than him.

James’ sister was a tech at McKenzie back at the turn of the century. She became friends with Dr Helen Rae. One day James’ sister invited him to come on a hike with her and Helen. Lucky for him, he was younger, fitter and more agreeable back then. James and Helen fell in love, got married and had two sons.

James assumed the role of General Manager at McKenzie in the summer of 2016 when Helen and Dr Cruickshank bought the practice. This was a major change for him, having worked the previous 24 years in operations and supply chain management for a local high purity chemical manufacturer. The move has proven to be the right one. James is proud to be part of a strong, independent, local business and is grateful for the opportunity to be able to give back to the community he was raised in.