James – Client Care

After spending most of his Life in Ontario working in Sales, both in Media and the Tourism industry, James decided the start of the Global Pandemic was the perfect time for a career change, so he up and moved to Victoria. Despite his shocking lack of Cardio and cornucopia of seasonal allergies, he hopes to enjoy the many amazing hikes the area has to offer.

When not at work, James enjoys telling people he is going for a bike ride, then rarely following through, trying new restaurant’s and exploring the waterfront. In the past, James has performed amateur (very) Standup comedy. When he is ready, James is looking forward to going from embarrassing himself in front of small crowds in Ontario to embarrassing himself in front of slightly larger crowds here on the Island. These “shows” should be avoided.

James’ is excited to be a part of such an amazing team and continue to grow in the Animal Care industry and continue to develop his love of self-deprecating humour.