Dr Terry Chatton

Dr Terry Chatton is a self-described, “proud Islander”.   Raised in Victoria with 2 brothers, he attended Victoria High from 1966-67, the same high school his father attended in 1926!!
At the University of Victoria, having completed his pre-vet courses, he went on to graduate in 1971 with a B.Sc in marine zoology.
That same year, it was onward to the flat Saskatchewan prairie, as he was fortunate to be accepted into the Western College of Veterinary Medicine.
Graduating in 1975 (yes, it’s 43 years and counting!!), Dr Chatton, like the vast majority of graduates in those days, entered a mixed practice, working day and night on everything from Budgies to dogs and cats to valuable horses and range cattle.
In 1987,  Dr Chatton left large animal work behind and focused entirely on small animal medicine and surgery, which, despite the usual bites and scratches, he maintains happily to this day.
When at home in his beloved Sidney, Dr Chatton maintains and enjoys a lifestyle dedicated to optimizing health and fitness.  He hits the gym and then, hikes with his Border Collie, Taz, 5 days a week, rain or shine. A voracious, albeit, slow reader and solver of crossword puzzles help keep the mind fit, he hopes!!!
Dr Chatton’s final thoughts are these:
In Grade 7, we were given the assignment to write an essay on what you wanted to be when you grew up—becoming a veterinarian is all I’ve ever wanted to be, it’s all I’ve ever done,  and, in almost all ways, it defines me, it is who I am. I am blessed to have this wonderful career.