Oral health is just as crucial for your pet as it is for us.

Our clinic’s dental suite has been specifically designed and equipped to perform veterinary dentistry and is equipped with a digital dental x-ray machine, overhead lighting, monitoring machines and up to date dental equipment. Many of our veterinarians have undergone advanced training in veterinary dentistry. We can perform most types of dental procedures, from routine cleaning and polishing to multiple extractions.

Our dental procedures are done under a combination of general anesthetic and a nerve block. General anesthetics are used to render your pet unconscious, and make sure that they don’t feel any pain during the procedure. A nerve block allows up to deliver a more targeted form of pain management by blocking sensation in the mouth and jaw.  This allows us to ensure that any build-up under the gum line and on the inside of the teeth can be adequately addressed. This also allows us to do a complete oral assessment by probing for pockets or cavities and evaluate below the gum line using digital x-rays, so we know the condition of the tooth roots.

If extractions are required, we will do a second round of x rays to ensure that we have removed everything.

During the entire procedure, our talented Patient Care team is by your pet’s side monitoring their vital signs like heart and respiratory rates, blood pressure and depth of anesthesia. They are trained to spot the more subtle changes a patient undergoes while under anesthesia and can respond to those changes as needed. The close monitoring by our Patient Care Team doesn’t stop until the patient is fully recovered, and on the way home.

After the veterinarian has completed all procedures that day, you will receive a call from them detailing the procedure and letting you know when your pets can be picked up. When you pick your pets up, a member of the Patient Care Team will go over any medications and how to care for your pet in detail. You will also receive a sheet detailing these instructions.

The day after the procedure, we will call you to make sure that the night went smoothly. We will also be happy to answer any questions or address any concerns that may have come up during the night.