Brea – Client Care

Breanna was raised in the Comox Valley, where she partook in outdoor education programs, competitive dancing, student government, and other leadership opportunities. Surrounded by three loving dogs and her family, Breanna has always been passionate about caring for all things big and small.

After moving to Victoria to attend the University of Victoria, Breanna has stayed active in her community through volunteering and completing a practicum in which she taught dance to younger children. 

As a motivated individual, she aspires to pursue veterinary medicine after completing her bachelor’s degree at the University of Victoria. Her love of animals has been evident throughout her life, and this combined with her love for science has led her into the veterinary medicine world, which she has fallen in love with. 

She can be found alongside, Olive, her young kitten, studying or indulging in veterinary books when she is not at the clinic.