Our History

1988 McKenzie Veterinary Services had it’s inception when Dr Dave Kirby and Dr Sue Nightingale (North Douglas Veterinary Clinic) joined forces to create a unique arrangement that involved each of them having independent veterinary practices under the same roof. This was a stroke of brilliance which enabled each veterinarian to develop their own practice style while cooperatively sharing the overhead cost of all the expensive equipment required to provide diagnostic, medical and surgical services.

1990 – The new practices had been growing quickly. The government of B.C. wanted to widen the Pat Bay highway. The building housing the practices was expropriated and the clinic moved close by to a newly renovated facility at 3888 Carey Rd (yes, the original location was on McKenzie).

1989 – McKenzie Veterinary Services bought the house call practice, Pacific Mobile Veterinary Clinic, from Dr Rob Reiner. It has been running as a sister practice to McKenzie Veterinary Services ever since.

2004 – Dr Malcolm Macartney, an associate that began his career at McKenzie Vet in 1989 as a preceptorship student in the original building bought McKenzie Veterinary Services from Dr Kirby. Then in 2008 he purchased North Douglas Veterinary Hospital from Dr Sue Nightingale.

2009 – A renovation was undertaken to add an additional 1,000 sq. ft to the building. McKenzie and North Douglas were amalgamated, leaving McKenzie Veterinary Services and Pacific Mobile Veterinary Clinic to share the 4,500 sq. ft premises.

2016 – Two longtime associates, Drs Helen Rae and Diane Cruickshank purchased McKenzie Vet and Pacific Mobile from Dr Macartney. Dr Rae started working at McKenzie for Dr Kirby in 2001 and Dr Cruickshank began her veterinary career in 2003 working for Dr Nightingale.

2017 – McKenzie Veterinary Services and Pacific Mobile Veterinary Clinic were amalgamated.

With 13 skilled veterinarians and a growing staff currently totalling 45, McKenzie Veterinary Services is one of the largest veterinary clinics in British Columbia. The house call service is also the largest and oldest in Victoria.

Clients are often very surprised when given a tour of the clinic just how much we have packed into 4,500 sq. ft. We have a large reception area, two reception desks, a retail area and a separate pet food nutrition area. The file room and pharmacy are located behind the reception desk. There are five examination rooms, three treatment areas, three offices for veterinarians, a surgery suite, a dental suite, an in-house laboratory, separate dog and cat rooms, an X-ray and ultrasound suite, and a large staff area.

Being one of the few veterinary practices in Victoria that has evening hours, is open on Sundays and that sees same-day appointments, McKenzie Veterinary Services is respected for being full service, available and offering high quality veterinary care for their patients.