• Dr. Ann Signorella

    Dr. Ann Signorella, BSc (Biology), BA (fine art), BVM&S, MRCVS graduated with…
  • Dr. Diane Cruickshank

    Dr. Diane M.  Cruickshank is originally from the prairies, Edmonton Alberta, where she…
  • Dr. Helen Rae

    Dr. Rae grew up on a farm in Flamborough, Ontario, surrounded by multitudes of cats, dogs,…
  • Dr. Ian Burniston

    Ian was born and raised in North Vancouver, but has always had the travel bug. During his…
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    Dr. Jaclyn Hockley

    Jaclyn grew up on an acreage in Calgary, Alberta with many different animals including…
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    Dr. Kailee Price

    Kailee is originally from Surrey, BC. She completed her BSc in Nutritional Science at the…
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    Dr. Karyn Arthur

    Dr. Arthur came to us via Ottawa, Ontario. She completed her undergraduate degree at…
  • Dr. Michelle Hansford

    Dr. Michelle Hansford was fortunate enough to grow up on an acreage in Prince George,…
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    Dr. Nancy Heath

  • Dr. Nicole Salloum

    Originally from Port Moody, Nicole studied molecular biology at the University of Guelph,…
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    Dr. Sarah MacNaughton

  • Dr. Tania Durmuller

    Dr. Durmuller was born and raised in Port Alberni, BC.  Having grown up around animals,…
  • Dr. Terry Chatton

    Dr. Terry Chatton is proud to be a true "Islander"--being born and raised in Victoria,…

    Head Receptionists

  • Carrie

    A native Victorian, Carrie joined the reception team at McKenzie Veterinary Services in…
  • Jessica

    Our reception staff members keep each day running smoothly, ensuring clients and…

    Nutrition Advocate

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    Bryana was born in Lahr, Germany and grew up in Cold Lake, Alberta. She made Victoria her…
  • Holly

    Holly has been a part of the reception team since 2004.  Just how does Holly remember all…
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    Janet has made her home in Victoria for the past four years. Originally from Calgary,…
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  • Zuzana

    Zuzana graduated from veterinary office assistant course 7 years ago and…

    Head Technician

  • Jennifer

    Jenn was born and raised in Victoria, and has always had the desire to work with animals…

    Technical Staff

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  • Heather

    Heather was, born in Edmonton, and raised in the Kootenay's. She's had a strong interest…
  • Kamala

    Kamala graduated from NAIT's Animal Health Technology program in Edmonton a long time…
  • Karin

    Karin  studied Biology at UVIC and did her Animal Health Technician training at Thompson…
  • Laura

    Laura graduated from the Animal Health Technology program at University College of the…
  • Nicolle

    Nicolle has been a tech since 2001. She trained in Nova Scotia before moving back to the…
  • Shelagh

    Everyone knows how good Shelagh is with cats.  With her calm, never in a rush approach…
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    Animal Care Assistants

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  • Danielle

    Danielle is a true Victorian - born and raised here!  She has always had a huge passion…
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    Jeni is very excited to be part of the team at McKenzie Veterinary Services! She has…
  • Lori and Kismet

    Lori was born and raised in Victoria.  She began in the veterinary field by volunteering…

    Office Manager

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