We realize that life throws you the occasional curveball, and when your pet is involved we want to be available to help. In addition to our regular appointment slots, we have a doctor available every day to service your urgent needs. Appointments with this doctor can only be booked same-day. If you are familiar with our previous walk-in arrangement, this system is the same, except you are no longer required to come to the clinic to get into the queue. You can now phone us at 250-727-2125 and we will book you an appointment with the doctor seeing same-day appointments. The intention is for you to spend less of your day in our waiting room.

We have same-day appointment availability from 7am-8am & between 1:30pm-7pm Mon-Fri and from 8am to 4pm Sat-Sun.

Please note – there is an extra charge to offset the cost of keeping a doctor and support staff available for urgent cases.