Mexi-Can Vet Project needs your help to enable these free community spay and neuter clinics to keep operating in Mexico. McKenzie Veterinary Services donates some $3000 to $6000 each trip to cover flights, meals and supplies for our staff members who volunteer their help and expertise, and give up their holiday time to attend each clinic.  We also donate approximately $400 for each dog we bring back for adoption to cover the costs of performing lab tests and treatments to ensure they are healthy before adoption. As well McKenzie Veterinary Services donates services for spays, neuters and orthopedic surgeries on many of these dogs. In all, about $10,000 per annum is donated by McKenzie Veterinary Services to keep the project going forward toward the goals.

100% of your donations goes toward buying surgical supplies and to helping pay for the opertional costs of the clinics in Mexico.

            You can help us in many ways:

      Donations of money are the most important way to contribute. Your donations go toward the $2000 fee paid to Pets for Life and about $1500 worth of surgical and medical supplies that are required to sterilize some 150 to 200 additional cats and dogs at each clinic.  Any extra money is donated to JBAR to help pay for ongoing medical and surgical care of animals treated at local clinics in La Penita. All of the adoption fees are sent to JBAR and earmarked  cover the costs of running their animal shelter in La Colonia.

Click here to find our how to make a financial donation to the Mexi-Can Vet Project!

        Donations of supplies – cages, leashes and collars, nail trimmers, clippers, digital thermometers, brushes, eLori & leashestc.  are gratefully accepted. Cages and carriers, large and small, hard and soft sided are especially useful items at clinics and used to bring dogs back to Canada. If you have any carrier that you are not using, bring them into McKenzie Veterinary Services for us to take to Mexico. West Jet Airlines allows us to take cages to Mexico at no charge as humanitarian aid. We are grateful for their help.

      Donations of medical supplies and equipment from individuals or corporations.  We are always happy to accept any supplies that can be used at the clinics and throughout the year. Ask Dr. Macartney about supplies which are useful or needed currently. Remember these have to be taken by air or land to Mexico, and space and weight is often restricted.

      Volunteering in Mexico – for Veterinary Clinics, Veterinarians and trained Veterinary clinic staff.  One of the goals of this project to have many veterinary clinics involved with fund raising, participating in Mexico and adopting a clinic through Pets for Life in other towns in Mexico. If you may be interested contact us at for more information. McKenzie Veterinary Services does not cover the flight costs for volunteers from other clinics but can usually arrange for free accommodation in Mexico.