We need donations:

We are always happy to accept cash donations to enable us to purchase the extra surgical supplies to operate on so many animals. We are looking for donations of medium to large plastic dog crates to replenish the supply which are used to house animals during their day at the clinic and to use to bring rescued dogs back to various places in Canada.

Your Support Makes a Difference Year Round

During the summer months, when many of the American and Canadian clinic volunteers have headed north, the work of JBAR continues to happen because of your financial support. Dr Aldo Barba is the “go to” vet for JBAR in La Penita and this summer Dr Barba worked hard to sterilize, vaccinate and do medical and surgical treatments for 230 animals in the area for Jaltemba Bay Animal Rescue. So your support goes beyond funding the costs of the community wide spay and neuter clinics…..it helps all year round to improve the lives of so many animals in this area. Thank you again for your generous support, you are big part of this amazing project!

Your support with monetary donations to fund the purchase of medical and surgical supplies is appreciated.

Click here to find out how you can help us get ready for the next clinic and how to make a donation.

Highlights from recent clinics

November 2017 update from Dr. Malcolm Macartney

We had a very successful clinic in November 2017 at a new venue for the clinic this time in La Colonia de Cabras, which is a poorer neighbourhood just a few kilometers north of La Penita, along the coastal highway towards San Blas, Nayarit, Mexico.

Marielena and Salvador were gracious hosts and they allowed us to turn their beautiful casa in La Colonia into a M*A*S*H* unit for four days. Despite the somewhat more remote location of this clinic, people still came in droves with their pets, and in fact, a new record for a JBAR/MCVP/Pets for Life clinic was set with 336 dogs and cats sterilized and many more examined for various illnesses. Several dogs and cats were also adopted out locally. We had many of the same faithful local volunteers participating, as well as vets and techs from Victoria, Vancouver and Nova Scotia.

Our next clinic will be March 17-25, 2018 and it will be held at the same location in La Colonia. This clinic will be manned by four extra vets from BC . Dr Jaclyn Hockley and Dr Malcolm Macartney, and tech assistant Elly are coming from McKenzie Veterinary Services. MVS client and now three time adoptee of Mexican dogs, Michael Ring, is also coming down for his third time to volunteer. Glenview Animal Hospital will be represented by tech assistants Meghan and Sarah and Dr. Chris Collis, and from the lower mainland will be Dr Carolyn Buxton and her two techs are once again  coming down from South Burnaby Veterinary Hospital. With such a large crew we hope to be as busy or more so than we were in November.

We will be returning with a “special needs” dog named Sparky. This poor dog was reported to have chased, grabbed and swallowed a lit firecracker in October and so may have suffered a chemical burn somewhere in his esophagus. He was brought to the November clinic, emaciated because he could not keep any solid food down, and in rough shape. We treated him and stabilized him with medication and started him on a liquid diet. He was initially fostered by Paul and Rhonda and then turned over to the capable hands of Sarah Walker where over the past four months, he has now put on 10 kg weight and looks great. Still he cannot eat anything solid and we have run out of therapy options locally. So Dr Macartney will adopt him and Sparky will return to Canada after the March clinic where we will perform a diagnostic work up and hopefully may be able to alleviate his problem with a procedure to dilate or remove the stricture.

Wish us luck in the up coming clinic and remember that your donations of leashes, collars, surgical supplies and cash are what helps us continue this work in a most needy area of the world. 

Thanks…Gracias de todos.

November 2016

The clinic  in November 2016 was the busiest on record with well over 300 dogs and cats spayed or neutered and about 25 consultations done for sick animals. It was very hot and humid but we had a great crew of volunteers who enjoyed cooling off in the surf after each work day. Dr Carolyn Buxton and her technician Madeline from South Burnaby Veterinary Hospital parachuted in the day before the clinic and worked hard every day in surgery and recovery. Dr. Ernie Prowse and his wife Pam were new volunteers from Nova Scotia. It was great to have them add new energy to the project. Dr. Donna Spraklin, also from Nova Scotia came down for her second time and was joined by a crew from McKenzie Veterinary Services including Dr. Malcolm Macartney, his wife Margaret and their son Michael and Jeni (tech assistant). Michael Ring a long time supporter of MCVP also joined the trip and he brought back “Naya” a beautiful rambunctious pup to be part of his dog pack in Victoria.

This clinic also had Dr. Aldo Barba, the local La Penita small animal vet helping out and of course the Mexican team from Pet’s for Life were there in full force with their three vets Drs. Anthony, Poly and Jesus as well as Leslie the hard working anesthetic technician. Aldo’s mom Piedad cooked us a wonderful traditional Mexican meal of birria (sheep and goat in a abodo sauce) and her special frijoles. Fue muy sabrosa y que bueno no? Gracias a Piedad y Aldo.


April 6-9, 2016 A “Sunny” clinic (see Sunny’s Story below)

Wow, it was another incredible spay and neuter clinic  with a great team of volunteers from Jaltemba Bay, Pets for Life, and the crew of tech and vets from BC. The surgery table were full and with so many volunteers we were able to perform about 70 sterilizations each day and still be finished mid afternoon. That meant more beach time, margaritas and suppers out on the town after four hard days of work!

This April the BC team had some new volunteers, Dr Chris Collis and his two great techs, Mikala and Krisitin joined us from Glenview Animal Hospital in Langford. Chris has worked in many international veterinary projects in the past so for him it was a great experience and he commented many times on what fun he was having and how well organized everything was.

Dr. Collis

Dr. Collis





Indeed it was a smooth, no drama clinic.  McKenzie Veterinary Services sent DR Joanna Piercy, Dr Nicole Salloum and Dr Malcolm Macartney, as well as technical support from Karin, Shelby and Margie. Dr Laura Graveling from South Burnaby Veterinary Hospital also joined us for her third stint with the Mexi-Can Vet Project.  In addition to sterilizations we saw many consultations which ended up becoming surgical cases.


Dr. Nicole & Harvey

Drs Nicole and Chris performed a hind limb amputation on a sweet worn-down beach dog brought into the clinic with an non-repairable fracture. Well, it was love at first sight for Nicole who decided to bring “Harvey” home to Canada and give him his forever home. What a lucky dog!



Dr. Malcolm surgery

At the same time the amputation was being done, on the adjacent surgery table, Drs Malcolm and Anthony were performing an abdominal exploratory to remove a 10 lb splenic tumor from a 9 year-old german shepherd;follow up reports tell us he is doing really well now and his prognosis is good.

None of this work would be possible without the donations on money and products from local people and businesses. We would like to thank our clients and members of the community who have been so generous to support this project. You made it happen and you are a big part of what is happening to promote positive change for the welfare of pets and people in this interesting and needy area of the world. We also extend our thanks to the continued support of John Forster-Coul at the Victoria Compounding Pharmacy who kindly supplies us with some much needed “Vitamin D” to help cure the dogs with tick borne diseases in Mexico.

“By saving one dog you may not save the world, but to that one dog, its’ life is changed forever”.


“Sunny” – before & after LOVE

Sunny’s Story – Such a great quote and applicable to every animal that is helped in any way. Just look at the story of the “Sunny” who was apprehended by JBAR leader Lacy from a neglectful owner and brought into the clinic. Starving, emaciated, tied up his whole life this gentle dog was filthy, virtually hairless and covered with open sores and parasites. Some of us were in tears seeing this dog in such bad state. But many compassionate volunteers went to work on Sunny. Two weeks later…. after TLC from our local kennel owner and animal rescuer Melanie Blair from lo De Marcos, and with treatments with medications to rid his body of  parasites and infections..he is a new dog and can look forward to a better life.  Great job Melanie and everyone who helped this dog in need!

November 2015 ( just missed Hurricane Patricia!)

The November clinic was held November 4-7 , 2015 in Guayabitos at the home of Dell and Sue Moss. The Pets For Life team from Puerto Vallarta included Dr. Anthony Garcia, Dr. Poly Lopez and the group’s director and anesthetic technician, Leslie.

Helping them out, was a solid and large team of volunteers from Canada. From Prevost Veterinary Clinic in Duncan, BC we had two AHT’s, Nancy and Amanda, and Dr. Jennifer BullerSouth Burnaby Veterinary Hospital in Vancouver has been a long time supporter of the project and Dr. Carolyn Buxton and her team of 4 AHT’s  parachuted in just for the clinic.   Saseenos Veterinary Services in Sooke, has been sending volunteers every clinic and this time we are fortunate to have Dr. Naima Jutha and tech assistant, Jessa, both volunteering for the first time.   Finally, we had Dr. Donna Spracklin coming all the way from Truro, Nova Scotia. Dr. Donna has just recently sold her veterinary practice and semi-retired…some vets can’t stay away from helping out people and pets.

It was a great clinic with 250 animals spayed or neutered and 18 consultations on sick or injured animals.  Click HERE to see more photos.

April 2015    ( A Record Set!)

MCVP April 2015 TEAM

MCVP April 2015 TEAM

Holding clinics during April can be interesting and challenging especially if during Easter Week, the biggest holiday time in Mexico, is happening. Many of the regular volunteers have returned north to avoid the heat and chaos during Easter. Luckily our 2015 April clinic started just after Easter and there were enough faithful and many new local volunteers to help run the intake, processing and recovery areas in clinic. It turned out to be the biggest and best run sterilization clinic to date. From the opening day’s count of 91 dogs and cats sterilized, we knew we could possibly break our previous record of 282 in November 2014, and break it we did! A total of 304 dogs and cats were sterilized and about 20 animals treated for various maladies and 33 animals adopted to new homes.

Dr. Burniston & Dr. Signorella

Dr. Burniston & Dr. Signorella

The Pets’ for Life team of Dr. Anthony Garcia, Dr. Poly Lopez and techs Paulina and Leslie came prepared to handle the load. From the north we had Doctors Ann Signorella, Ian Burniston and Malcolm Macartney from McKenzie Veterinary Services, Dr. Vickie Addie and student Jaime Millward from Sassenos Veterinary Services in Sooke, Dr. Laura Graveling and tech Jennifer from South Burnaby Veterinary Hospital and also joining the team this year was Dr. Allison Lord from Portland. Once again we held the clinic in Del and Sue Mosses lovely home in Guayabitos.

Look at that smile!

Nancy – Look at that smile!

There were some sad cases and some great successes. It seems that every year we are performing more surgeries and really notice that the number of homeless, roaming street cats and dogs is lessening and that the general condition of the pets is better than ever. Approximately 25 cats and dogs were adopted out to local families during the clinic and 8 more dogs were brought back to Canada for adoptions.

Jaime, our student volunteer from Sooke, was a wonderful addition to the team. Jaime will be starting training to become an Animal Health Technician at Thomson Rivers University this September and she says the amazing experience in Mexico has taught her a few lessons already. We thank her for her dedication and hard work at the clinic and we know she will have bright future in veterinary work, at home and abroad.   Click HERE to see more photos.

 November 2014 (caught in a Hurricaine!)


Spay Neuter Action!

The most recent Jaltemba Bay Animal Rescue/Mexi-Can Vet Project spay and neuter clinic held Nov 5-8, 2014 was the most successful to date..we spayed and neutered some 280 dogs and cats (WOW!!!) , with more cats than dogs this time..truly amazing given we set up the day before Hurricane Vance made landfall just north of Jaltemba Bay in Mazatlan. We had to madly scramble to replace the ripped apart sun tarps and empty the kennels of water but we had a great team of volunteers and all went as planned. There were some 40 volunteers including two local Mexican vets, Aldo and Franciso and  three vets from Pets for Life…. Jimena, Anthony and Poly.


lining up

Dr Carla Bell of Sasseenos Veterinary Services in Sooke BC assisted at the clinic and her clients helped sponsor another clinic in their adopted town of Las Varas, Nayarit, which was held the week after the clinic in Guayabitos. Dr Carolyn Buxton of South Burnaby Veterinary Hospital brought with her two talented AHT’s whose contribution in surgery and anesthesia was nothing short of amazing. It was also great to reconnect with all the local volunteers and to know that their excitement for helping out at these clinics has never wavered. Special thanks to Dell and Sue Moss for, once again, hosting the clinic on their property.

Finally, thank you so much to all of the clients of McKenzie Veterinary Services and friends of the Mexi-Can Vet Project who donated money and supplies to enable the costs of this clinic to be covered. Special thanks to Marion and Barry Shryer for transporting, in their motorhome, medicines and supplies all the way from BC to Mexico so that so many animals can benefit from this project.

Muchas gracias as always…each of you makes this happen and I am so proud of what we have accomplished together. Once again we are helping to make a difference in the lives of so many needy animals.  Click HERE to see more photos.

April 2014


Nice place for a clinic – don’t you think?


The crew!


Did we mention it rained?

There were 8 volunteers in the Mexi-can Vet Project team that traveled to Mexico in April, 2014.  These included four volunteers from McKenzie Veterinary Services: Dr. Malcolm Macartney, Dr. Terry Chatton, Karin and Danielle and Nyla and Jenny,  2 staff members from Saseenos Veterinary Services in Sooke B.C. Other additions to this team include Dr. Stephanie Cerny, Tiffany and Dr. Laura Graveling. The spay/neuter clinic was held April 23-26, 2014 at the hacienda of Del and Sue Moss April 23-26, 2014. The team has arrived home safely, feeling exhausted but satisfied with a job well done. In total, there were 244 animals spayed/neutered at this clinic, 192 dogs and 52 cats. We did 7 medical consultations, and adopted out 10 animals. Thank you to PEACE Animals, JBAR, and to all the dedicated volunteers who make the clinics run smoothly and for hosting our team. Click HERE to see more photos.

Check out our Mexi-Can Vet Facebook page to see more great pictures from these clinics. facebook

April 2013 Documentary Makers film at the JBAR clinic.

Danielle and Dr Carter

Danielle and Dr Carter

April saw a new team head to Mexico to volunteer at a spay neuter clinic in Guayabitos April 6-13.  Joining Dr. Malcolm Macartney from McKenzie Veterinary Services, were Karin Roslee and Kristen Giglio, AHT’s and Danielle Motherwell, receptionist.  Dr Carolyn Buxton and Dr Carmen Carter from South Burnaby Veterinary Hospital also joined the team as well as Nancy Wilson AHT from Sidney Veterinary Hospital. With so much help the clinic went very well.

Karen and Dell

Karen and Dell

Once again we were thrilled to be able to operate at Dell and Sue Moss’s hacienda in Guayabitos. Also joining us were a documentary film makers Erin Skillen and Mike Wavercan from May Street Productions in Victoria. They filmed the action, the stories and interviewed everyone so we got quite used to a camera in our face. They plan to create a documentary or an episode for a possible television series. We look forward to seeing their film work. A short promo video called “Vets Without Borders” which combines footage of our work in Mexico and that of an actual  Vets Without Borders veterinary team in Todos Santos, Guatemala was made to entice producers to expand their documentary project. We wish them luck and hope be involved in the future. To view this documentary click here.   Click HERE to see more photos.

November 2012 – Two clinics, a great documentary made and 14 dogs returned for adoption.

Kamala, Dr Deborah and Dr Claudia

Kamala, Dr Deborah and Dr Claudia

Teams of volunteers from McKenzie Veterinary Services and Dr. Deborah Lambert from Sooke Veterinary Hospital participated in 2 back to back spay/neuter clinics in November 2013.  The second clinic, held in Las Varas, Nayarit was may possible by clients of Dr. Carla Bell of Saseenos Veterinary Services, Sooke B.C. who donated money for the Mexi-Can Vet Project!  We thank all those who supported their efforts.


Don Chaput filming the Las Varas clinic

We were delighted when Don Chaput, a documentary film maker (www.donchaput.com), an animal lover and long time client at McKenzie Veterinary Services, approached us with an offer to join us in Mexico for two weeks to film the clinics and create a documentary about this project. Don and his assistant Rod, work very hard in the hot sun to film the two November clinics. Don has created a 35 minute video documentary that really captures the essence of what these clinics are all about. A huge thank you to Don Chaput for volunteering his time to film, edit and post this video to tell our story. Click here to view Don’s video. Click HERE to see more photos.

The story of Max…

“One night after dinner, Nancy asked me to come with her to look at a very sick dog dog that she stumbled upon on the beach in Los Ayala earlier that evening while she was looking for another small mangy dog in the town. In the dark, we searched the far end of the beach, under fishing boats and restaurant tables until we located this dog curled up in a shallow depression in the sand. He was a golden retriever like dog, weak, emaciated, dehydrated and unable to stand or walk. My first thought was that he had dug his own grave and lay down in it to die! My back was so painful from three days of surgery I couldn’t lift him, even though he only weighed about 12 kg, so Nancy carried him 400 m down the beach to Lin’s house where we we staying. He took water and a small amount of food that night but just slept curled up until morning. 

As we were leaving the next day for Canada, we took him to Dr Aldo Barba in La Penita and from there he started his recovery. Dr Aldo treated him aggressively and nursed him back better health and  after a few weeks, he was well enough to be adopted. He was flown to Canada, named Max, and adopted by a family in the interior where he now has nearly fully regained his health and gets to swim in the lake at their cottage. Just look at the before and after difference in these two photos! “  Malcolm Macartney DVM

Max when found on beach in Los Ayala

Max when found on beach in Los Ayala Nov 2012

Max at his family cottage in Aug 2013 in B.C.

Max at his family cottage in Aug 2013 in B.C.

“If you save one dog…you won’t save the world….But to that one dog ….It’s world is changed forever.”

More Stories from the November trip.

The first clinic was held at the home of Dell and Sue Moss in Guayabitos. They opened their hacienda and allowed it to be completely transformed into a surgical hospital for 4 days! Thank you Dell and Sue for being so generous and willing to make this happen. We spayed and neutered some 210 cats and dogs, and performed some interesting surgeries on needy pets. The most amazing team effort was the surgical  re-attachment of a dog’s nose that had been 80% severed by a machete accident 2 years ago. This poor dog had endured a lot of pain and suffering but in a complex and difficult 2 1/2 hour long surgery, under the flood lights  and head lamps, with a crowd of about 20 onlookers, Drs Malcolm Macartney, Poly Lopez and Anthony Carillo were able to re-attach “Negrita’s” nose. On a recheck 10 days later we were delighted to see “Negrita” breathing through both nostrils and eating normally again. What a brave dog she is!

The second clinic held three days later in Las Varas, about 20 minutes north and inland from Guayabitos, was very different because it was held outdoors under the semi-shade of corrugated tin roofing at a community centre next door to an abandoned Mexican Jail. The daytime temperature climbed to 41C, so hot that we had to cool down our patients after surgery with cold water and ice, to help them recover! After the second day of intense heat it was decided to move indoors into the abandoned jail, where it was much cooler. At that clinic about 125 animals were sterilized and treated for various diseases. The fourteen dogs that returned with us from Mexico in  November were tested and treated for parasites on arrival and then quickly adopted and now are enjoying their new life with families in Canada. Thank you to everyone who adopted these wonderful dogs, as every family says…”This is the best dog we have ever owned”

Negrita 10 days after her surgery!

Negrita 10 days after her nose was re-attached!

Dr Terry in the jail

Dr Terry in the jail

Carolina and Nancy

Carolina and Nancy


March 2012 McKenzie Vet Services new vets gain surgical proficiency in Mexico

A team from McKenzie Veterinary Services participated in another clinic, March 2013 in Guayabitos.  The team consisted of Dr. Malcolm Macartney, Dr. Leith Williams,  Dr. Joanna Piercy, Karin Roslee AHT and Rhiannon Cervin, tech assistant. Talk about fresh out of the frying pan (vet school) and into the fire (spaying 15 to 20 animals a day!) in Mexico. Both Leith and Joanna are natives of  Victoria but ended up being class mates during their veterinary training at Massey University in New Zealand and graduating in 2011. As recent grads, without a lot opportunity to gain surgical experience, this clinic was a great proving ground to gain proficiency at spaying and neutering. They were so thankful to have expert instruction and surgical tips from  Dr. Athnony Carillo, the head surgeon for PEACEAnimals. They acquitted themselves well and felt like they could tackle any surgery by the end of the clinic. Big smiles all around. Click HERE to see more photos.

Dr Leith in surgery

Dr Leith in surgery

Tips from Dr Anthony

Tips from Dr Anthony



Nov 2011 – Vets from Sooke and Rossland inspired to each “adopt a clinic”

Team photo

Team photo

In November 2011, three veterinarians from other practices joined the south bound team.  Dr Carla Bell from Saseenos Veterinary Services in Sooke and Dr Eliane Klemmensen of West Kootenay Veterinary Hospital in Rossland had a great time at the last clinic, held in a beautiful beach front villa in La Penita. They were so inspired by the work being done in Jaltemba Bay, that they each committed to having their clinics adopt/fund a sterilization clinic in other Mexican towns.  Thus two towns, San Blas and Las Varas, held clinics in 2012.  Dr. Brigette Sonnendrucker from Vancouver also assisted in surgery for a day. Click HERE to see more photos.

Dr Carla

Dr Carla

Recovery team

Recovery team


Dr Elaine