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 McKenzie Veterinary Services is committed to fundraising for and participating in two clinics each year for this project.   Each year we have seen considerable interest expressed by veterinarians and vet technicians in British Columbia to be involved in this project. To date, several Vancouver Island and Mainland  B.C. veterinary clinics have fundraised to adopt a clinic and helped out at JBAR/PEACE clinics. See individual clinic reports below for details. Wouldn’t it be an amazing accomplishment if every veterinary clinic in B.C. partnered with PEACEAnimals to adopt a spay and neuter clinic in a town in Mexico! But you don’t have to be a vet clinic…any individual or group can do this by donating to PEACEAnimals.


In the early spring of 2010, a team of vets and vet techs from McKenzie Veterinary Services left an unusually snowy west coast to arrive in  sunny Puerto Vallarta and become involved with volunteers from two organizations, PEACE Mexico and Jaltemba Bay Animal Rescue (JBAR), that do amazing work  promoting animal welfare in west coastal Mexico. What started out as an invitation to have a working holiday helping spay and neuter dogs and cats has turned into so much more!

Being involved in JBAR’s free community-wide spay and neuter clinic in Mexico was a remarkably rewarding and interesting experience. Our week in the sun turned out to be a tiny bit of beach time and mostly hard work. Working alongside vets from PEACE Mexico and JBAR volunteers, we performed about 160 sterilization surgeries and treated many other seriously ill patients during the 4 day-long clinics. Talk about sore feet and backs! We were emotionally and physically exhausted when we left for home but happy to have been able to help. We experienced first-hand the need for veterinary care of pets and strays and the amazing difference that the efforts of  JBAR and PEACE Mexico were having in communities on the west coast of Mexico. Our experience inspired us to return and help out in the future and so the Mexi-Can Vet Project was born.


Twice yearly since that first trip, veterinarians, veterinary technicians from McKenzie Veterinary Services and other vet clinics in BC, have participated in free spay and neuter clinics in the Jaltemaba Bay area in Nayarit, Mexico. Donations from our wonderful clients, many private donors in Victoria, and our veterinary supply companies make it possible to have enough surgical and medical supplies to perform up to 200 surgeries per clinic and also treat many animals for infectious and parasitic diseases. Donations also help cover the costs of running the clinics organized and run by volunteers from JBAR. We also have been able to get involved in some complex medical, surgical and dental problems on dogs and cats.


At the conclusion of every clinic, we also bring back for adoption in Canada, anywhere from 6 to 14 small to medium sized dogs. Some of these dogs have special veterinary care requirements for medical problems or surgeries that can be better performed at McKenzie Veterinary Services before they are well enough to be adopted. The Mexi-Can Vet Project adoption fees we collect for each dog are passed onto JBAR to maintain their animal shelter in that area.