Prescription Refill Request Form

We are happy to accept prescription refills online. You can use the form below or log in to your pet portal and make a request there! Please use the comment box to let us know how your pet is doing!.

Please note that prescription refills require 24 hours for us to process. We will contact you when your prescription is ready for pick up.

*Please be aware that due to regulations set forth by the College of Veterinarians of British Columbia, some prescriptions may require an exam prior to being dispensed. This ensures that your pet is healthy enough to handle the potential side effects of some prescriptions and provides further confirmation that the medication is appropriate for your pet’s current condition

IMPORTANT: Prescription Refills and Food Orders are not confirmed until you have received a notification. A Client Care Team member will contact you by phone, text, or email.
  • Number of milligrams per tablet/capsule/millilitre (e.g. 10mg tablets, 2mg/ml, etc)
  • Desired quantity (e.g. 150 ml, 3 vials, 90 pills, 4 months worth, etc.)
  • How often you give it (e.g. twice daily, once weekly, etc)