Animal Care

Our Pet Nutritionist, Sandee, is able to help you figure out the what, why and how to feed your cat or dog.  Having lived with cats and dogs of all sizes, ages and issues (including the largest canine breed an Irish Wolfhound to her recent addition of a Chihuahua rescue from Mexico), she has experienced most feeding issues.  Sandee has taken many pet nutrition courses and continues to research new trends.  Today her pack is a 10 yr old Lhasa X named Hazel (with age and mobility issues), an 8 yr old American Cocker Spaniel named Fezzik (with allergies) and the Chihuahua puppy named Pinkee (growing hungry puppy)- she is also an aunt to 2 felines, one who is currently on a monitored weight loss program.  With obesity on the rise in our pets, she has a keen interest in proper nutrition to lose or maintain the best weight for your pet.