Medical and Diagnostic Services

Did you know that, in general, your pet can get a medical diagnosis for and illness more rapidly than you can! Veterinarians are well trained and well equipped at their clinic to diagnose your pet’s health problems. At McKenzie Veterinary Services we have on-site, the laboratory equipment to run a complete blood panel and urinalysis in 30 minutes, we can do X-rays of your pet while you wait, and we have in-house ultrasound capabilities, can measure blood pressure, and intra-ocular pressures. Our Veterinarians and Animal Health Technicians have the capabilities to rapidly diagnose what that lump is on your pet, or what is causing your dogs ear infection, in a very short time. The efficiency of small animal veterinarians to diagnose and treat your pet is amazing. We know that you are worried about your pet and so we want to give you information to help make treatment decisions ASAP. At McKenzie Veterinary Services we have:

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    • equipment to measure blood pressure, blood sugar and intraocular examination and pressures and electrocardiograms.

  • • State of the art ultrasound machine and ability to send images to specialists

  • • Full service in house diagnostic lab and rapid outside lab turnaround when needed to get the diagnosis quickly.

  • • Well trained veterinarians who take a good history and performing a full physical exam on your pet and can then recommend diagnostic testing. Our vets have skills in internal…